Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007 !!!

Halloween !!! What a great day, isn't it???
We all get to empty out our wallets to buy these super expensive costumes that our kids will get to wear for 1 day only or maybe 2 if you go to a weekend activity or party or something. Actually, maybe even more days if you count when they play dress up during the year, and then they actually might pass the costume along to their younger siblings or cousins the next year... Hey, I think I just corrected myself. Maybe we do get our $$$$'s worth... Well anyways, then our kids get to make out on their costume by getting paid back with CANDY. (Unlucky for us parents, the kids will be jumping off the walls on the sugar high, and don't even get me started on the dentist's bill ) But seeing their cute little faces when they transform into somebody else, that is priceless. I do love getting to see all the kiddos dressed up, pretending to be something they're not. Princesses, witches, fairies, vampires, firemen, spiderman, cartoon characters, ghosts and a whole bunch more. I loved it when I was a kid and now I love seeing my girls get all dressed up & transforming into something totally different. In fact, when I dropped the girls off at school in the morning, I actually stayed in the car just waiting for other kids to show up, just so I could see their costumes. I swear, I was probably more excited than the kids!

Well, as for my girls, my youngest babe (6) was Princess Jasmine, but it looked more like a jeanie's costume, which she was totally ok with because it showed her belly. Which is great here in the South, they actually get to show off their costume, 'cause in Cali they had to wear a warm costume and then most likely put a sweater over, therefor defeating the purpose. Anyways, the Princess Jasmine wasn't my babe's costume by choice, but only because it was one of the only one available in her size at the Disney Store on Halloween Day. Yes, that's right, on the actual 31st of October. Jeez, I'm all about procrastinating, 'cuz I AM the Queen of procrastination. ( I actually work better under pressure, with deadlines to meet compared to when I can take my sweet time) but my baby beat me on this one... Well, the reason she waited to the last minute is a long story.... (to put it simply, I wanted to be a Martha Stewart, perfect momma sort of type which believe me did NOT work. I actually made her a Minnie Mouse costume with my own 2 hands, which is what she wanted to be. Well, the night before Halloween she started to cry because she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but she just had to tell me that the the costume I made is "WEIRD"!!! Ok, let's see. My daughter just told me that the costume I made for her out of a labor of love, the one that I went out and bought a $180 sewing machine to be able to make. spent entire afternoons putting together... and then was told, AFTER all that work was done, that the costume was weird. NO, that didn't hurt my feelings, not one bit. And in my defense, I think I did a pretty good job, but of course my daughter didn't. Of course, now I'm going to take sewing lessons, and gonna be soooooooo good by this time next year that she'll be begging me to make her a costume vs. the store bought one's, but I'm gonna tell her NO!!!!!!! I only make WEIRD costumes, and apparently, that's not your style!!!

Ok, on with the show. My oldest daughter (9) was of course, who else??? Hannah Montana. No more girly princesses for her. Nooooo. She's too old for that. So we got her the wig at Dillard's which was the actual Hannah wig. It was pretty cool, with layered hair & highlights. My babe was super ecstatic to be blonde for a day, lol. She was all dabbed out with fake eyelashes, make-up, funky dress & everything. Pretty cool!!! As for me, I was my daughter's worst nightmare! Back in Southern California, many parents dress up along with their kids to take them trick-or-treating... Granted, we're not in our sweet old Cali anymore, and apparently that's not the case here. So I thought it'd be fun to dress up too. I had a grandma nightgown in my closet (that I bought for my mother in law, aww, how nice huh? Ain't I a sweet daughter in law??? ) So I put the grandma robe on, which is at least 3-4 sized too big for me, put a pillow on my butt, baby powder on my hair to get my grey hair thing going, & borrowed my neice's glasses and put them on the tip of my nose. Talk about being embarrassed by mom!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Turns out, I now have a secret weapon against my kids. From now on they'll be blackmailed by me: "If you don't behave, I'll dress up for halloween again, and next time it'll be worse." Although it might only work the weeks prior to Halloween. Hmmm.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ok, I'm new at this blogging thing as I'm sure you can very well tell.

Well actually, that's true in part. I AM new to the writing of them, but not so new at reading them. I'm so nosy I love to read other's blog's whenever I actually have the time (or energy). They're so entertaining!!! And when I discover a good one, I just love to keep going back for more and more of what the blogger has to say...It seems like fun and I'm hoping that I can do the same with this here blog. Please note that I did say "hoping"... That doesn't mean it will actually happen. I might be the only one on here actually reading this here post. But that's ok! Rome wasn't built in a day. It will take time, practice & lots and lots of writing I'm sure, but there will come that day when I see more than 1 person (me!) has viewed this post, and there will come the day when I get my very first comment. BTW, to the very first person to leave a comment on my post, please be sure to leave your e-mail address and I'll send you something special... just for making my day!!!
Ok, I just read that last part back to myself, and that sounds kind of creepy. I'm not trying to get people's e-mails or anything. I just will be genuinely very happy when I see the very first comment, and since I make personalized items (hence the name 'Let's Make It Personal' ) I'd love to send out a personalized 'Thank You' Candy bar for being the 1st one to leave me a comment. Anyways, crazy I know.... But someday it will come!!!

Oh yeah, and that's what my blog will be about. The trials and errors, stories, etc. of being a mother, an aspiring real estate agent, and having a small business of personalizing items, such as candy bar wrappers, candles, pictures, notebooks and a whole bunch of other things that I will get into detail later. For now, this is just a pilot. Please stay tuned as there is more to come.


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