Wednesday, April 16, 2008

" Your Mom's So Cool "

My head blew up the size of Texas just by overhearing a little girl's conversation with my oldest daughter Monkey...(yes, eavesdropping is my specialty, but shhh! don't tell my daughters) So imagine my surprise that while eavesdropping, that little girl uttered the most awesome, heart-warming phrase to my daughter. =D "Your mom's so cool!" Yes people, my job here has all been worthwhile! Who'd a thunk?

Me, a mom, is cool! C-O-O-L! Like, omg!

I knew this would happen in our very near future. That one day, not too far, far away, and as a result of having had my first child when I was only 18 (a baby myself) it would mean that I would not be the typical looking mom that looks like the grandma... Oh no! Not I! I refuse to let that be me, especially now. Now that I've been proclaimed with a very special title. I'm the COOL mom! Now I have a reputation to keep. ;D

I've always known that I'm the type of mom that most kids think is the older sister rather than the actual mom...(how cool is that?) My daughter just loves to roll her eyes at that one, hehe. "Mom, can you believe so&so thought you were my sister? And they think I'm joking when I tell them you're my mom!" Ha! I love that! I always have, but now it's gotten better. Not only do I get to hear this from my lovely daughter, but now others think of me as COOL! Little tweenage girls, who are so hard to please, think little ol' me is COOL!!! (doing the happy dance) I know. I know. I've been gloating, and bragging, & gloating & bragging & all.... but there, it's all out of my system......... but I'm still pretty stoaked, hehe!

And now that I have basked in all my glory, this 'cool mom' has to get off this 'puter to do some very, very cool things... Here's my list of cool things to be done today: Laundry, sweep & mop, vacuum, dust, make beds, clean bathroom & pay bills. There kiddos, still think I'm cool???

This "Cool Mom" is signing off!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack! And this time for good!

Ok, so it's been a while since I've been here... Geez, that's an understatement. Halloween-time to be more exact.

HALLOWEEN!!! That's when I was last on here! Geez Louise.

Well Thanksgiving came & went ( on which I actually cooked my entire 1st meal EVER, with company & the whole 9) Then came Christmas , New Years, Princess' 7th Birthday, opening my big mouth & volunteering/becoming a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Valentine's Day, Anniversay.... such great blog material & what do I do. NOTHING! How pathetic. What a Loser with a capital L.

But the great thing is I *have* been doing my homework to get back on track here ( reading other blogs like crazy!!! ) I just LOVE the blog phenomenon. The more interesting reads I find, the more I tag, therefor the more I HAVE to check everyday to read. How nosy am I??? It's just like reality tv for me. You get a glimpse into somebody else's life, and then you're stuck. You just can't get enough and you keep on coming back for more. So yes, I'm ADDICTED to reading blogs. At least it's a safe addiction now isn't it? But when I check some of my fave's & there's nothing new, AAAAAHHHHHH!!! Please people , entertain me! It's been 2 days & you've written nothing new!!! Please help my addiction here... after all, you created it! With that being said, that's why I heart Ashley, from Talk about a crazy chick, with interesting reads. And she supports my addiction. Not only does she blog EVERY day, on most days she does it more than once!!! Yes, I get more than just a daily fix. My hero! i heart you ashley!!!

And just to get things straight, as much as i heart her blog & lots of others out there, NO I will not copy her or any other of my fave's writings. I respect them all, along with their work. Their material & their crazyness is ALL theirs for the keeping. They've just inspired me to follow in their footsteps & share a bit of my life here with you all... as boring as it may be. But I'll try to keep it interesting, & hopefully 1 day, somebody will be addicted to me!!! HA! Now that was a funny!