Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Extra Big-Mac Sauce, on the side please!

Is that too much to ask for?

Come on, really!

Every.Single.Time. Yup, every single time I ask for 'extra big-mac sauce on the side' the drive-thru order taker seems confused for some reason. They always stay quiet for a while (while they ask their mgr if it's ok to do what this crazy person is asking for, I'm sure) and then say "ok, extra sauce on the side, drive up to the 1st window please"

Yes! they finally get it. It's a regular #1, WITH a side of extra sauce. Cool. Drive up to the 1st window, pay the sucker, eh cashier working there. (please, take no offense to this is you yourself, your dear children or someone you know works there. I did my share of "do you want fries with that?" It happens to the best of us, really!) I Drive up to the 2nd window, get my drink & bag of food, which SHOULD have the extra sauce in there. You know, the sauce I asked for at the beginning when I first placed my order. The same sauce the drive-thru order taker asked his mgr about. The same sauce he said yes to. Yup, THAT sauce. Well I look in my bag (I've learned to do this after many, many disappointments in which i realize I'm missing an order of fries, a sandwich, the napkins, ketchup, straws, etc. after I drive off & then I get home only to discover what I'm missing. Then of course, I don't want to get bk in the car, drive back, blah, blah blah blah blah) Anyways, focus. I look in the bag and guess what????


Come on now, I ask you again, is that too much to ask for?


Deb said...

Not to be crass on my very first comment, but they "eff you at the drive-through". (I cleaned it up!)

Yeah, I have a custom order at McD's, too, and it's hit-or-miss. The most disappointing thing for me is to drive away, take a sip of my Coke and realize they gave me Diet. Ugh.

Tabi said...

omg...laughing so hard! You know what I find funny when I go to Taco Bell, they will ask you want sauce with that? I say no thanks.....why oh why then do they always put like 6 extra things of sauce in there! I said no! Don't waste your money! I won't use it! So, it goes in the trash! Why did they even ask?